the renew retreat

Restorative healing for your mind, body, spirit + soul.

The 2021 Renew Retreat…designed for you. *SOLD OUT FOR 2021*


You give your all to others every day, and you’ve been wanting a break…needing a break! But because your time is limited, you also need to ensure that time will be invested well – not only with luxurious surroundings, but with sisterhood, laughter, fun and time to relax. I understand…I’ve been there, and that’s why I created the Renew Retreat just for you – now in our 22nd year!

You deserve to renew your mind, body, spirit and soul. Come RENEW with us in beautiful Dallas, TX in May 2021 or Palm Springs, CA in September 2021 (BOTH RETREATS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT). Take what you need from the abundance you will be surrounded by, and return home fully restored.

Become a beautiful, wild, free woman again – relaxed, joyFULL and reenergized.

join us for the renew retreat.

The Renew Retreat is a restorative retreat unlike any other. Immerse yourself in the healing practices of meditation, forgiveness, feminine energies, and manifestation – and simply enjoy a lot of fun and laughter! This years’ retreat is going to be the best yet. Elevate your mind and restore your spirit through a series of life-altering treatments curated specifically for you by Erin Marie, a.k.a. BWFwoman.

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Past Renew Retreats In Review

What She Said…

Renew Retreat Attendees share their experiences.

About The Renew Retreat

RENEW – an organization for spiritual women who desire a deeper relationship with Christ, healing, and living their most fulfilling God-ordained lives – was established in 1999, and our signature annual retreat became a highlight of our year.

Now, you have the opportunity to join us. The 2020 Renew Retreat is open to a select group of 20 women. You are invited to become immersed in your very own love-encounter with God through intentional rebalancing spiritual activities, and to experience rediscovery and reconnection to your passion and deep fulfillment through BWFwoman’s signature treatments for the mind and spirit, in four areas:








Feminine Energies

Experience a love-encounter with Christ…

…through a series of intention rebalancing spiritual activities facilitated by Erin Marie, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and also designed to draw your heart closer to Christ. You WILL meet God here in this sacred place. Your life WILL be changed – forever.


Allow your spirit to be renewed through a sacred time of rebalancing and renewal that offers you the opportunity to escape the ordinary demands of life.

time & space

You’ll be provided with both time and space to gain a better perspective on the deeper meaning, purpose and impact of your life.


This opportunity is for those who want to gift themselves with peace, and intentionally receive spiritual healing and restoration, allowing God to renew and realign your life and spirit with His perfect plan.

amenities + Stay

Our meals will be provided by Hawte Healthy Mama, a.k.a. Chef Dani, our private chef.

Chef Dani is a long-time friend of BWFwoman events, and she will be preparing healthy, delicious culinary experiences for each meal.

This event is always held in a beautiful custom mansion in the city that we travel to.

Slumber-party style, so be prepared to share rooms, and in some cases, share a King sized bed.

Be prepared to be surprised! We can’t tell you all the pampering and surprises we have planned for you, but know that they are both decadent and delightful!

meet your host

Erin Marie Waller, MBA is a passionate lover of Christ, two-time Amazon Bestselling Author, compelling Speaker and CEO of BWFwoman™, LLC a.k.a. Beautiful Wild Free Woman, the Christian Woman’s Mindset, Meditation and Manifestation brand.

She’s an expert in empowering women with clear strategies to develop powerful mindsets and discover their personal power through a daily love-encounter with Christ. Her spiritual academy – manifestHER Circle – connects women through genuine, intentional community and fosters accountability and results.

As the spiritual catalyst of BWFwoman, Erin delivers messages that have inspired the lives of thousands of women around the world. Erin enjoys creating engaging learning experiences for her manifestHER Circle community and over 21,000 followers, is the founder of the #10DAYPRAYANDSLAY prayer and meditation movement and the host of the annual Renew Retreat.

Experience restorative healing.

2021 is currently sold out. Check back in May of 2021 for the application timeframe!

Immerse yourself in the healing practices of meditation, forgiveness, feminine energies, and manifestation. Elevate your mind and restore your spirit through a series of life-altering treatments.

Become a beautiful, wild, free woman again.