God’s love overflows

Good morning Beautiful! As a Christian, you have the assurance that God’s love overflows for you. One of the greatest gifts that you can receive in life is the simple gift of God’s love for you. Notice, I say “receive.” God freely offers His gift of love to you, but...

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A partnership in Christ

Good morning beautiful! I’m here this morning just joyful about the opportunity we have in Christ every single day. We truly have a partnership in Christ - when we take a step, God is right there creating a way. You’re always accompanied by greatness! When starting...

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All we have is the present

All we have is the present Good morning Beautiful! If the past has expired and the future is not promised, all we have is the present. The present is here for us to optimize, and for us to focus on. Each improvement you make in the present has a domino effect that...

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