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BWFwoman – Beautiful, Wild, Free Woman – is where spiritual women who want more learn how to intentionally live an extraordinary life in christ.

Created by Erin Marie Waller, BWFwoman creates remarkable, unforgettable spiritual growth experiences, courses, masterclasses and events that help you renew your spirit, soul, mind and body and restore your faith. Our supportive community of women empower each other as we achieve goals and manifest our best lives!

God will bypass what you hoped for to give you what you dreamed of.”

Erin Marie

Founder of BWFwoman


The BWFwoman I AM Beautiful Wild Free Guided Meditation and Affirmations Podcast has one purpose: To help you see yourself the way Christ sees you…beautiful, wild and free, and to begin speaking those words into your life. I believe in speaking life using God’s Word to come into a deep, rich understanding of God’s love for us. You can Follow on Spotify, Subscribe (and leave a 5 star rating!) on Apple Podcasts or Subscribe on YouTube.

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What is Christian Meditatiton? Being STILL in God’s presence. Dwelling in God’s presence prioritizes your life. You achieve a certain clarity when you lean on God, instead of on your own experiences and achievements. In this PRAY + SLAY challenge, you will enjoy 3 days of #StartingWithStillness where you learn the how and the why behind cultivating the practice of sitting in God’s presence, exchanging your concerns for His confidence. Let GO, and let God WORK in your life.


Decide to elevate

Good morning beautiful! When you decide to elevate, there’s a certain amount of comfort that you naturally have to give up. You just can’t become what God has laid on your heart by continuing to do the same comfortable things. To experience elevation, you’ve got to be...

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You are a Creator

Good morning Beautiful! What you believe and what you speak it typically what you get in life, because you are a creator. If the Word says that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, believing you can do anything and everything that is necessary to...

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Celebrate your accomplishments

Good morning Beautiful! When was the last time you really took a moment to celebrate your accomplishments? I’m really not talking about big accomplishments like getting your degree, buying a house or things like that, because those come with a degree of celebration...

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