morning meditations

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Your success is going to be countered

Good morning Beautiful! How many times has someone said something about you, your dreams, or your destiny, and it’s caused you to stop – or maybe even pause what you were doing? What others have to say sometimes has more weight than it needs to in our lives. When that...

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Focus on the free-flowing nature of God

Good morning Beautiful! Today, instead of focusing on what "it" looks like, focus on the free-flowing nature of God's presence in your life. There's no need to be anxious or worry - which is negative faith - instead, relax... breathe...and trust God with your success...

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God is abundant towards you

Good morning beautiful! God is abundant towards you, today and always. However, your miracle will rarely unfold the way you expect it to. Let God do His thing, because it's about to be BETTER than you expected! In the meantime here's what you can do... We all play a...

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Let your radiance shine

Good morning Beautiful! Walk fully in your light today, and let your radiance shine. If you know you are a child of God, walk boldly and courageously, expecting the best today...and every day! You are more than a conqueror in Jesus Christ. Let's discuss what that...

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Changing your mental position

Good morning Beautiful! You have the power to change your external CONDITION just by changing your mental POSITION. We like to talk about getting to the final result, but the question I hear overwhelmingly is "How do I overcome what's in front of me right now - how do...

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Adjust your perspective

Good morning Beautiful! One of the most powerful things you can do in your life is to change and adjust your perspective on people and where/who you spend your time with. Because of the uniqueness of your path, you can't afford to be common in your associations....

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