intentionally start living an extraordinary life in Christ.

BWFwoman is a community where spiritual women who want MORE learn how to intentionally live an extraordinary life in Christ. You are empowered in four key areas:


Experience a fresh love-encounter with God.


Believe that you’re worthy, valuable and ready.


Define yourself according to the word of God.


Live an extraodinary life aligned with God.

My prayer is that you come more fully into the realizations God desires for you to have through this site and the programs I offer.

As you do, please share your story of rediscovery and revelation with me. I LOVE to hear your stories – just click below!

God is a loving Father, whose deepest desire is a personal, intimate relationship with you.

God created you with a purpose before you were born, and when He looks at you, He sees love.  Every day, we encounter obstacles to this relationship, which can block our ability to see the right next step clearly.  Even with these obstacles, God’s grace towards you creates opportunity after opportunity for you to be drawn closer to His heart. 

His rich love embraces you, even when you aren’t aware of it. He’s creating a way for you right now, out of no way that you may see.

Know this…no matter where you are in life right now, God wants you to fully realize His perfect will for your life.

For me, it took a devastating divorce, life-altering heartbreak and a dedicated healing process to begin to flourish in His purpose for me.  I simply help women rediscover their beauty in Him. This is why BWFwoman was created, and stands for women who are Beautiful in Christ, Wildly in love with God and Free to become all that we were destined to be. I absolutely KNOW you’re here for one primary reason among many: to go deeper into your very own love-encounter with Christ and to see yourself the way He sees you.

Living Beautiful, Wild and Free in Christ,

Erin Marie, BWFwoman


a passionate lover of Jesus Christ, bestselling Author, compelling Speaker & Founder of BWFWoman.

 Erin personally embraces a purpose of empowering women to rediscover their beauty, purpose and sense of self through a love-encounter with Christ. Her passion was birthed through her personal love-encounter after a devastating divorce and other significant life challenges that altered her perspective of who God is and the power He has to restore hope, love, faith and belief.

She is the creator and spiritual catalyst of her women’s ministry BWFwoman, which has touched and inspired the lives of women around the world. Erin is a successful businesswoman who has created brands that deliver this goal: supporting and healing the brokenhearted and celebrating the inherent beauty of Christ in the spirit of women. Erin is also host of the popular I AM Beautiful Wild Free Guided Affirmations and Meditation Podcast on Spotify and YouTube.

Erin’s BWFwoman ministry was selected to be featured in the book, Succeeding Through Doubt, Fear & Crisis, which rose to #1 Amazon Bestseller status within a few hours of its launch. In the book, Erin shares the story of her own profound journey from brokenness to restoration, and she lives each day with a passionate desire to communicate the healing, restorative power of God’s love with women worldwide. She recently released her first women’s devotional journal, The BeautifulWildFree Woman’s Guide to Purpose.

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BWFWoman helps you see yourself the way christ sees you, through creating sacred spaces for healing, deep satisfaction and rich fulfillment. 


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