BWFwoman’s I AM Beautiful Wild Free Podcast Episode 13: I AM Asking and Receiving

by | Aug 28, 2020 | I AM BWF Podcast

I AM ASKING AND RECEIVING: A Guided Meditation Podcast by BWFwoman

There is such beauty to be found in God, and peace that calms your heart for whatever you may be going through. God gives you beauty for your ashes, the Bible says, and it’s all for your restoration. All you need to do is ask and receive.

Many can co-sign with the statement that sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we thought it would. And many women can also agree that if you just keep walking with God, He is so gracious and merciful, that He will bring you full circle in your experiences. He will complete the good work He started in you. He will use your previous situation to cause you to get prepared for what you’ve been asking Him for. But, you have to walk with Him. You have to decide to be obedient. You have to have one-on-one time with Him. The beauty in restoration you’re waiting on is found at the foot of His throne, a place you reach when you go to God in prayer and meditation on a regular basis.

Beautiful, don’t get bitter from the situation you went through. That’s simply NOT the end of the story. You have the divine right to ask – and receive – MORE.

That challenge you experienced was only the beginning of the story. That fight, that loss, that deception, that death – it was designed by the enemy to LOOK like the end, to cause you to loose your hope. Don’t believe it! Our God is such a GOOD God. He loves you so richly and deeply, and He cares for you. Keep asking and receiving. Keep walking with Jesus today, and let Him show you the complete, beautiful work He has for your life!

Foundational Scripture for Today: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

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