Season of breakthrough

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Manifestation, Morning Meditation

Good morning Beautiful! This season for you is a season of breakthrough. You are being tested. You’ve been through more than you thought you could survive. You’ve seen how God has kept you through the processes of life.

But now, Beautiful, God wants you to take the next step and expand your belief, because He didn’t bring you this far to keep you in an AVERAGE place. The Word says that he brought you through the fire and flood to take you in to rich fulfillment!

That means that husband you’ve been praying about, that business you’ve been working on, that career you’ve been pursuing, that goal you want to reach – it’s yours! Psalms 11:5 says that “The Lord tests and proves the [unyieldingly] righteous…” All of this time, you’ve been presented with choices. And you knew that what you desired, you just haven’t seen yet. That wasn’t by chance – God just wants to test you to see if you would hold strong to that desire or if you would settle for less. Thank God you didn’t settle for less!

Today, know that God has been watching you…and your test has been approved! Receive your restoration today

Foundational Scripture for Today: “…we went through fire and through water, but You brought us out into a broad, moist place [to abundance and refreshment and the open air].” Psalm 66:12