Adjust your perspective

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Faith, Morning Meditation

Good morning Beautiful! One of the most powerful things you can do in your life is to change and adjust your perspective on people and where/who you spend your time with. Because of the uniqueness of your path, you can’t afford to be common in your associations.

Perspective can cause you to create margin or spread yourself too thin, trying to please everyone. Often times, it’s not the “thing” that really changes, it’s the way you decide (yes, decide) to see the “thing”. Maybe it’s time for a different perspective?

In life, God leads you to the places where you can discover Him more deeply. The goal of your life is to draw more closely to God, and to be more like Him. It is for you to see God in places you didn’t expect. He won’t ever lead you wrong when you intentionally create more space!

God’s word says that those who believe Him will experience life as He meant for it to be experienced. Full. Whole. Complete. Not lacking a thing. Blessed. So raise up your countenance. Lift up your head. Refocus on the real purpose, and seek a new perspective!

Foundational scripture for today: “I am doing a new thing…do you perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19