Don’t say a word. Show up with your actions.

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Good morning beautiful! You know the saying “actions speak louder than words” – and how many times have you seen it be true in your life? People tell you things all day every day, but the ones you believe are the ones who show up with the ACTION…and not just one time, but consistently.

God models this for us through ACTION, with a profound display of love, showing us who He was, and letting us know that we can believe Him, through sending Jesus, and giving us the gift of the Holy Spirit – our day by day Comforter who provides guidance and instruction. The love of God shines in our lives in amazing ways – through giving us access to peace, joy, wisdom, patience, provision, abundant living, the mind of Christ – all of these have scriptures that showcase His love for us.

Today, consider receiving what God has given – but also, consider His example. God displays what He does not just to bless us, but to inspire us to FOLLOW Him. Jesus didn’t say “Be Me.” He said “Follow Me.” (Matthew 4:19) And He said it over and over again, to different people. There’s a HUGE difference. Jesus wants you to follow His example today, and not just speak the word – but ALSO show up through your actions.

If you’ve spoken it, you really don’t have to say another word. Now it’s time to show up with your actions.

Foundational Scripture for Today: “Come, follow me,” Jesus said…” Matthew 4:19


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