God wants you to live an abundant life

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Good morning Beautiful! You’re being brought to a prepared place. Wondering what that is exactly? It’s a place where God has gone before you and laid out all that you need to be, do and have to fulfill His promise to you of an abundant life. Heaven definitely qualifies, but there is also a prepared place with “goodness of the Lord” right here in our day to day lives on Earth.

So what do you need to be, do and have to achieve complete alignment with this promise of God?

Be confident: Confidence simply means that you’re SURE. Despite what others say, you have a knowing, and that knowing guides you. You’re not swayed by opinions, challenges or as we say all the time – the “process”. Each person has specific life experiences that are literally preparing you for a confident present. Think about it…if He did it before (at any time, with anyone, but especially with you), He can do it again!

Do your part: Sometimes, it’s easy to try to do God’s part…but trust – God’s got his part ready. Many times, He’s waiting on you to do YOUR part. Are you spending time in His presence? Do you have an actual relationship with Him? The first thing He calls us to do, before anything else, is to seek Him first (Matthew 6:33). Set your alarm, get up 15 minutes earlier, and focus in on Him.

Have a vision: At the end of the day, to get from point A to point B, you’ve got to know what God wants for you – the promises of God – and you’ve got to know what you want out of this life. God demonstrated our ability to exercise a level of authority over our lives, to choose and call things as we wanted when He placed Adam in the garden. Adam wasn’t a robot, he was free to choose. Get clear on what you want and create a vision – for the day, the month or even the year…and once you’ve done that, create a vision for your LIFE.

You have what it takes to be, do and have the very best that God has available to you, which the Bible says is an abundant life. Bring it into being! ??

Foundational Scripture for Today: “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.” Psalm 27:13


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