Let go of the guilt, God has forgotten

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Good morning Beautiful! Let’s get right to it. Freeing your emotions means letting go of anything that may try to keep you bound – one of the main ones being guilt. Let go of the guilt today. 2 main types of guilt:

#1 You feel guilty because you made a mistake: So you made some mistakes in the past…guess what? God already knew you would. So it doesn’t make any sense to beat up on your self. Not only is that unnecessary, but it also isn’t self-loving. His love has conquered it all. You must have the same grace that Christ has with you, with yourself. God is stronger, mightier, more powerful than all of your mistakes. He won’t allow what you did wrong to destroy His plan. So relax.

#2 You feel guilty because you feel you should have known: You don’t (and won’t ever) know everything. This is why you have the gift of trusting in God. You must learn to interpret your life through the lens of God. It doesn’t matter if it looks like your life has been destroyed or if some of your decisions have inextricably destroyed an aspect of the lives of others – don’t you know that God has a plan for you and for them? Or that He would allow something that wouldn’t work out for your good or their good? Pray to let go of the pride that is keeping that belief so firmly lodged in your life. You and your past are not more powerful than God’s future for you. Don’t hold yourself in a position to believe that your actions have the power to control someone elses destiny.

How to heal yourself from guilt: Retrain your mind to receive God’s forgiveness by repeating His Word every time you experience a guilty thought. His Word is a healing balm, and the only way your mind will heal & change. As you do this, you will position yourself towards God, and you will experience a domino effect of good from changing your mind about this one thing. This is the blessing of maturity in using the Word of God, no longer drinking the milk of the Word, but living by the meat of the Word.
Foundational Scripture for Today: “Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:1


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