What is #RediscoverME?

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We all go through situations that challenge our identity.  This is why #RediscoverME was created – to help women remain grounded in our true identity in Christ.  #RediscoverME encourages you through the rediscovery process by helping you renew your mind, and learn from the stories of other women who have rediscovered rediscovermethemselves. When your mind is renewed, you think like Christ and you begin seeing yourself and your life differently. You experience a change in perception that brings peace and satisfaction, and enables you to fully LIVE and LOVE.

The process of rediscovering who you are in Christ is just that – a process.

Even though God created each one of us with a purpose before we were born, we deal with sin in the world, which distorts how we see ourselves, and how we see God. This brings pain and brokenness into our lives, when God desires for us to be healthy and whole.

This distortion doesn’t change God’s truth for you. Choosing to overcome the distortion and see clearly takes a love-encounter with God…an immersion in His beauty, grace and love for you – which restores your life and heals your heart. This process is called rediscovery, and through rediscovery, we #RediscoverME .

Consciously define yourself to God’s highest ideal with #RediscoverME.  Let the affirmations and stories here absorb into your spirit, and really dedicate yourself to transforming your mind by believing them. The #RediscoverME “I AM” affirmation statements are power thoughts directly from the Bible, which is God’s Word directly to you. When Moses asked God who He was, God replied “I AM, that I am.” (Ex. 3:14) Just as His Word creates, when you repeat His Word in your life, YOUR word will create. Create intentionally. Use the power of “I AM” affirmations daily to claim your good, and to enact a clear declaration in the world.

Get Involved by Sharing Your #RediscoverME Story

We want to hear from you!  What have you experienced that has helped you #RediscoverME?  State the words that God says about you – call yourself what God Himself calls you. Get started with your I AM Affirmations today, and as your thoughts and life change, share your #RediscoverME story with us below so we can feature you on this site, or on social with #RediscoverME.

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